I've been interesting in Tinycards for a while now... I've seen discussions about them and at the end of every lesson/strengthening, a thing pops up saying "Check out Tinycards." I clicked on it, and it looks cool, but how do I make a Tinycards account? How do I log out? How do I get to Tinycards other than doing a lesson and clicking on the thing at the end of a lesson? Thanks in advance for your comments/answers!

November 9, 2017


Tinycards is part of duolingo, and you don't need to create a new account to access it. You can sign in with your duolingo ID and password. Here is the link to Tinycards, and you can bookmark it on your browser to access it at any time.

When you're signed in, you can click on your username (upper right corner) then click on SETTINGS that's under your username and profile picture, and find the SIGN OUT option from the panel on the left.

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