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  5. "Seguiamo la ricetta."

"Seguiamo la ricetta."

Translation:We follow the recipe.

April 6, 2014



Can you say this about a recipe? I know we can say it in other languages like English and Dutch, but somehow "seguiamo" feels like literally follow, rather than the figurative meaning of "keeping to the instructions".


Yes, you can. It is actually very common.


Cool, thanks! I was already imagining myself running through the kitchen trying to catch the book :)


Thanks for asking this. I was imagining people chasing a recipe.


Is "let's follow the recipe" wrong?


I am Italian and wrote the same as you because the way he is speaking - accent and intonation - can lead to different interpratations. I interpreted it as an imperative so that I wrote that way too. It should not be considered a mistake in my opinion, and this problem has occured to me several times. It is slightly annoying, isn't it?


I think not, "andiamo" can also mean "let's go" instead of "we go", just like the French "on y va". Duolingo hasn't listed this translation (yet), I suppose.


I'm not sure about this. In Spanish the "let's" form of verbs (can't remember the name - imperative or subjunctive possibly, they overlap...) is subtly different (the vowels change). However, as Rokusloef suggests, "andiamo" can be both indicative and imperative, so... io non lo so!


The man sounds like he said "AIR ree chet ta" I listened several times but still did not recognize the word because of the "AIR" sound. Is that how the beginning "r" is pronounced?


Same here. In my answer, I typed exactly what I heard "seguiamo la aricetta", thinking there was a new word to learn. Duolingo accpeted my response as correct. Confusing!


Try saying a rolled "R" in "Ri-" and you will find yourself putting a shadow vowel at the front, too. You simply cannot roll your tongue without "starting it up" with a sound. That is all that is happening. Some people's will be more pronounced than others, but it might sound like an "Ah" sound to you, just ignore it.


/se-gu-ya-mo/ or /se-gwi-ya-mo/?


I would say se-gwi-a-mo, based on the pronunciation at forvo.com



A 'u' following a 'c' or a 'g' in Italian has more of a 'w' sound than an 'oo' one.


First is correct way to pronounce the word.


I read it as "We follow the rice." and I was like "Okay, what did you take and can I have some too?"


It' my understanding that "the prescription" in English also translates to "la ricetta" in Italian. DuoLingo does not support this translation. any comments?


Report it

Prescription is a valid translation of ricetta


We learn Italian and head (meaning)! Impariamo l'italiano e la testa (che significa)! ))


... "we follow the recipe" ! (We learn Italian and head (meaning)! Impariamo l'italiano e la testa (che significa)! )


In my opinion the problem lies in the intonation and accent the sentence is spoken, which lead to diverse interpratation, so that I would not consider "let's follow the recipe" an error.


Why does it tell me im wrong just because i spelled recipe wrong. (Never did get that i before e thing)


do you want us to learn Italian or see how many times you can stumpus. Tell your male reader to speak slower he isn't being paid by the word


'follow up' wasn't accepted even though it was a 'hover' meaning. I was using this in the sense of requesting a good recipe from someone.


I hate it when l get red for a typo in english


I nearly put "we follow the girl" for a laugh, but I knew it was wrong (both literally AND figuratively)


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The correct pronounciation is "segiamo"


voice comes out as averecitta not recitta


My comment is in the full sentence the speaker sounds like he is doing legalese in a commercial. No one would need to rush "seguiamo" so much as you cannot hear four syllables, and an accent on the "A".


Kinda feel like plankton


Italian is kinda easy for me because i talk spanish


Why have they suddenly got a downer on the continuous present


Pfft, What A Bunch Of Losers.


Are we chasing the recipe?

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