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The Arabic Course Icon and Flag!

[deactivated user]

    The course icon and flag show up on the course selection screen! (@^◡^)

    Here is what it looks like when you click on it:

    Remember to smash that notification button! (⌐■_■)ノ◖

    November 9, 2017



    That is really cool. The sphinx is kind of funny looking, but all the same it looks cool.


    Couldn't agree more. The sphinx looks hilarious.


    I know right! It's a little unqiue and off putting. It looks a little mad and disapointed. I recently saw a page on how Duolingo does its design and I really liked it. The sphinx is different and this doesn't mean I hate or I love it, but its definately a weird looking sphinx.

    [deactivated user]

      The sphinx is upset because it can't see the landmarks behind it. (´-ω-`)


      That picture should be for the Coptic language, or Ancient Egyptian, not for Arabic, there are many symbols you could use instead wich is more appropriate for the Arabic civilization.


      The Spanish and Italian monuments continue to drive me crazy as well. The Spanish one much more so.


      Out of interest - why the Italian one?


      It's most likely for a similar reason as to why the English courses here use the American flag, rather than the British flag.

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      Other than the cultural misappropriation of non-Arab Ancient Egypt, this is not even an Egyptian Arabic course, so the landmark choice is completely misleading.

      The Arab world has many great landmarks of its own that were built by Arabic-speaking people. If I had to pick an icon for an MSA course, I would choose either the Burj Khalifa (quite a recognizable landmark for the whole Arab world) or the Yemeni ancient "skyscrapers", like this here, the ancient walled city of Shibam:


      Yemen is currently a war zone, so it is worth pointing out that Shibam may sadly not be around for much longer.


      I thing this follows this logic. Like as in the Spanish course they use Chichen Itza, because currently in the country in which it is, Spanish is Spoken, and besides it is a place with strong Spanish culture ties.

      Following this logic, in Egypt is not spoken Egyptian anymore, but Arabic Egyptian and MSA(I supose), so with that in mind, that place has still more ties with the Arabic culture.

      By the way, There are mosques behind the sphinx.


      Well, that disproves my theory that languages enter the course selection page when they reach certain milestones in development. Maybe a lack of a flag and/or monument for Haitian Creole and Yiddish is what's preventing them from showing up in the course selection page.


      Haitian Creole has a flag, but no landmark, Yiddish has a landmark but no flag.


      Recall that High Valyrian's course page launched at essentially the same time as it entered beta. They get them up when they can; makes sense that it's earlier when there is a well-known high level of demand.


      But either way, I'm really excited about Arabic coming!!!




      -The 1646th person to press the "notify" button.

      [deactivated user]

        I know, right?


        Great news !!! :-D

        [deactivated user]



          On a side note, has anyone actually gotten a language release notification? I usually only know a language has been released by the flurry of forum posts.


          It's the same for me. Although, I did get the "Korean on Web" notification, but a couple of weeks after it was actually released on the web.


          The notification goes out based on course stability. The course doesn't have to be stable, but, it has to reach a certain marker.


          Ah, interesting. Thank you for the clarification. :)


          I think Burj Halifa or kabe


          I was sure that it would be the Giza pyramids to be the icon! At least it was close.


          Flag: Arab League Landmark: Kaba


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