Regular verb endings (present tense)

Im having trouble remembering regular verb endings in the present tense, does anyone have any mnemonic devices to help me remember?

November 9, 2017


This is how I learned the regular verb endings.

So mostly they are: je -e, tu-es, il/elle/on -e, nous -ons, vous -ez, ils/elles -ent,

So I learned the endings by singing them to Freres Jaques like this: e, es, e. e, es, e. ons. ons. ez, ez, ez. ez, ez, ez. ent. ent.

For irregular verbs, I do not have a pattern but for the verb "etre" (to be) I used the same song but sang it like this: je suis, tu es. je suis, tu es. il, elle est. il, elle est. nous sommes, vous etre. nous sommes, vous etre. ils, elles sont. ils, elles sont.

This method definitely worked for me. I am not sure if it works for everyone but I hope it helps you learn the verb endings.

November 9, 2017

Love this approach. Thanks for sharing

November 9, 2017

That only applies to regular -ER verbs, not to regular -IR or _RE verbs.

November 9, 2017
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