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Further Kanji

Hey Duolingo, thanks for adding the kanji for dog, could we also have the kanji form (rather than just plain hiragana) for: meat, 肉, vegetables, 野菜, tea, 茶, I, 私, and to drink, 飲む. Cheers, ありがとう!

November 9, 2017



Agreed. More kanji.


I have to say that while increasing the number of kanji is necessary for actual proficiency I don't see how they can do it in such a limited framework. Joyo kanji are far too numerous; picking and choosing which ones to include or not include would be entirely subjective. This is the reason I am in favor of breaking up the program to: Introduction to Japanese; intermediate conversational; advanced, etc.

中、毎、高い、低い、長い、短い、夢、広い、色、... Once you start getting requests for more kanji surely there would surely be no end.


Surely we could keep some hiragana that are used pretty much everywhere. Using 何時 instead of いつ is sort of laughable.


I think that it would make the most sense to add them in the order of calculated frequency of use. Then they can continue adding them until there are more than enough. Of course, what we think makes the most sense and what they do aren't always related.

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