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Finally , the Arabic course ! :)

Hello everyone !

I'm very happy to see the Arabic course among the courses on Duolingo .

It's been a long time since we asked for adding Arabic . In the end , Arabic is among the courses . Congratulations to Duolingo users !

Some important information about the Arabic language :-

1) Arabic is the 4th most spoken language in the world just after Chinese , English and Spanish .

2) it's one of the UN's most important languages .

3) It's spoken in 22 countries - or more- around the world in area called the Arab World .

4) It's a religious language ( the language of the Holy Quran )

5)The Arabic Literature is ( especially , poetry ) very beautiful .

6) You can communicate with more than 400 million people who speak Arabic around the world once you learn the language

7)It's known for its difficulty , but it's not that hard and its rules are so intelligent .

8) A political and a professional language once you learn it , you can get a job in the Arab World .

9) Openness to a new culture and world .

You can find the course with the national Egyptian flag as Egypt has the most Arabic-native speakers in the world .

November 9, 2017



I know, right! Look at my username and profile if you think I'm not excited.


Yes , I've already looked at it . Congratulations to you and us . We are waiting for The Course :)


Ja, that is cool, i never knew so many people spoke Arabic.


Thanks ! :)

Hope you good luck .


"it's not that hard"

Speak for yourself. Arabic is one of the hardest languages I have ever studied. Chinese and Korean are harder for me than Arabic though.

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