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Taking vacations, without affecting your days in a row statistic. How do you do it?

I am enthusiastic about language learning! However, my wife deserves some time away this. We are both retired. She is a retired nurse, specializing in the elderly. I'm 77 and require her monitoring. Duolingo members spoke of freezing such time off. How does that work?

November 9, 2017



You could set your XP goal to just 1 a day, and get a friend or family member to do basics 1 for any language once per day, or get them to equip a streak freeze every day for you, just make sure you do trust this person 100% to do this task for you :)


You can only freeze one day, for learning a language needs practice everyday. Sorry, no vacation freezes.


No real way to do it effectively. You can buy a “streak freeze” to freeze it for a day, but that needs to be purchased one day before the day you miss (will not take effect the same day it is purchased). So you can do those successively.

But my two cents, as someone with a busy life and lots of obligations who lost a 500+ day streak, is just enjoy the learning. If you miss a day be assured your knowledge is still there, and the resources of Duolingo will be here whenever you can get to it. The pressure of making always sure you are one step ahead of maintaining a streak can be a bit of a stressor.


Dcarl1, I appreciate all the comments and advice that was given to me on this topic. Yours is the advice I will follow. Thank you


i believe you can buy something from the shop to freeze the streak for one day, i'm not sure if you can but multiple at once, to make the freeze longer.


No, buying multiple at once isn't possible as DuoLingo wants you to practice the language everyday. The freeze is actually only for situations like fires, storms, natural disasters, or something else serious: forgetting! But that's why Duolingo has reminders!


Buy a freeze from the Lingo store.


so the freeze is only one day, vacation and keeping your streak is impossible, unless you plan on getting on once a day


You can keep buying streak freezes, or set your goal to 1XP per day.


I go on vacation and do my required lessons on my mobile instead of on my computer. That's the only way to have a meaningful "days in a row" statistic.

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