Xp contest

First 25 people to comment can participate.starts next week on Monday

1st place:15 lingots

2nd place:10 lingots

3rd place:5 lingots

Please donate 1 or more lingots to enter Thank you

November 9, 2017


Can you make a leaderboard?

Post 1st 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th places on your comment you will have to edit it.

Sorry wasn’t on much last week i was to busy

Caprox want to join

Your pro pic is sooo cute peterhowell15

It is against the rules to require a lingot donation to join, you can only suggest one

I'll join! Here's a few lingots :)

Oh and no one has to donate anymore

Thats ok i have extra lingots

thats ok , its your contest, not mine

Naw its fine i have a bunch of lingots

ill join! heres the lingot!

Leonie is in Qiunnn do you want to join

Gijoe15 want to goin?

If you dont have a lingot or you don’t want to you dont have to join

If i told you your in like the comment so i know you saw thanks

What grand prize gijoe


Your in and cute dog

All of a sudden i have more than 100 lingot who gave them to me ?

If i don’t answer today I’ll answer tomorrow cause i got to go bye fishing dude canyou answer if still on thanks

May I join if there is room?

all join if its OK with you?

Fine with me your in

has anyone herd of clever-dragons?

Hi! May I please join? Also, I'll donate several lingots it lets me. I'm trying to donate some, but the "Give Lingot" button isn't working. I have way too many lingots anyways!

You can give some to me, That's one thing you can do!

ya you can give me some too

Its ok and your in

can i join by the way i have a contest with a 35 lingot grandprize

Cool! Can you leave a link so I can check it out?

Winners!!!! 1st place is .........RAPTERSTRIKE827 2nd place is .........CWPOTTER 3rd place is .........GI JOE


Actually Riley got 1st place sorry everyone can keep their lingots

Everyone got lingot for participating tell me if you didn't

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