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My french journey ^_^

Sorry about the long message but I’m just so excited to tell you about my amazing progress in French from where it all began 3 years ago till now:)

In 6th grade it’s required to take exploratory French. After that class I developed a love for Paris and when got recommended for languages I decided to take french 1. My teacher was the nicest she helped me with homework my pronounciation, and strengthening my weaknesses in french writing. She also taught me french in 8th grade. I actually became her favorite student because of my accent and passion for French. One day around the end of the year one of my friends asked what language I’m gonna do next year and I said maybe french but was also considering Spanish. My french teacher was writing something on the board and heard what I said and she yelled at me saying YOUR NOT DOING SPANISH YOURE DOING FRENCH 2 HONORS NEXT YEAR!!! I was shocked she never yelled at me even when I spoke in English during class which wasn’t allowed in class. After class I asked her what that was all about, she said that Ihave to do french because i have a passion for it and love it and I’m also talented at it. Honestly even though I always deny it she’s right I have always had a love in French and I am pretty good at it. I have always been slightly ahead of my classmates because of Duolingo. After all that I promised my French teacher that I’m going to go up to AP French 5. Now I’m a freshman doing French 2 honors it’s very easy and I’m surrounded by people who are truly passionate about the language. Recently well today actually our quarter 1 grades got final I have I have a 100.43% I have also recently reached a B1 proficiency level! I’m so happy and thankful to my amazing middle school french class and teacher for helping learn french and teaching me the basics and for corrrecting my errors, also a huge thank you to my new friends in french 2 with me;) for encouragement and speaking in french with me and of course to Duolingo the amazing site and community have taught me so much and helped me become more proficient in french;) and to all of you out there wanting to become fluent in another language it’s not impossible as long as you try and work hard it is possible to persue your dreams** I’m still working at it we all are so let’s help each other out in reaching that goal ;) ~Bonne chance^_^

November 9, 2017



Amazing! Congratulations!


Wow. Huge congratulations! Keep up your persistence—it's gotten you quite a long way already. Bonne chance !


Vous êtes intéressant et labrous et vous rencontrerez donc ceux qui vous encourageront, vous soutiendront et vous féliciteront

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