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Arabic tinycards!

Hey! So, I had nothing to do so I made some tinycards teaching Arabic! I made it like the basics 1 skill of duolingo, and I'm planning to make more. MSA, I don't know any other.

Check them out! https://tinycards.duolingo.com/decks/708627c2-e5c3-487e-8a9e-582eb259a220

I also made a numbers deck: https://tinycards.duolingo.com/decks/a77933d5-6865-4f35-bbdc-000c28016266

Feedback, suggestions, and corrections are more than appreciated! Leave them in the comments below if you have any!

Hope you like them!


NOTE: I am not fluent in Arabic, nor am I a teaching expert. I simply love this language and using the little knowledge i have of this language, I made a tinycards deck. I am extremely sorry if there are any errors, and if there are, please inform me in the comments and by pressing the ''Report'' button on the decks.

November 9, 2017



Thank you for your work, Woof!


You're welcome! :)


I like your attitude! I added deck to favorites.


No prob! I also added you as friend on tinycards. Could you friend me to? (on tinycards)


Very cool!


I bet I could make a bunch too. I learned a lot of Arabic from doing flashcards from Spanish to Arabic in Sentence-based and grammar concept infused in flashcards. But I would want to do it to Spanish or Portuguese!


Wow, many thanks, Woof./ARABIC_IS_COMING!


Cool. My dad served in Iraq and I want to know Arabic so we can talk without one of my 28 little brothers understanding. This is a nice basics idea. Hey, does anyone know if Duo could put together an Arabic course.


They are working on one, to be released in May.

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