Who's got the longest streak on Duolingo?

March 15, 2013


The biggest streak I've seen here belongs to 114 days for now.

Update: Levi found mtravels who is 4 days ahead of prky.

Wow, but you're not far behind yourself!

mtravels is close to the full year now. I reached 180 today, woop!

The old times, when the longest streak was nearly over 100 days...

Are you monitoring all of us? :-) So what about the points? The highest I have on my leaderboard is wataya. As of today, he (she?) has an incredible score of almost 58000, couldn't find someone higher than him.

We need to get Duolingo to make a leaderboard for this.

90 days today

Lol, and you have 480

I hope I'm up there!

I'll start. 7 days. I'm sure that's not hard to beat.

where can I see my streak ?

i found it : in the web version on the right. Today, i've got 89 ! :)

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