Who's got the longest streak on Duolingo?

March 15, 2013


The biggest streak I've seen here belongs to 114 days for now.

Update: Levi found mtravels who is 4 days ahead of prky.

Wow, but you're not far behind yourself!

mtravels is close to the full year now. I reached 180 today, woop!

The old times, when the longest streak was nearly over 100 days...

Are you monitoring all of us? :-) So what about the points? The highest I have on my leaderboard is wataya. As of today, he (she?) has an incredible score of almost 58000, couldn't find someone higher than him.

No, I have no means to monitor everyone. This is just the streak I've seen in discussion.

I've seen someone with a bigger score but I don't remember the name.

Does it count that Wataya is a native german speaker and completed the german course lol?

We need to get Duolingo to make a leaderboard for this.

90 days today

Lol, and you have 480

I had it at 650 and then I went on a vacation in a no-internet zone...

And now you have 3! >.<

I hope I'm up there!

I'll start. 7 days. I'm sure that's not hard to beat.

where can I see my streak ?

i found it : in the web version on the right. Today, i've got 89 ! :)

If you practice on the iphone app, it does not count towards the streak? The last couple of days, I used the app and I have lost my streak!

It does count, but your streak depends on your time zone as compared with Eastern US time. I posted a discussion about this:

Longest I've seen was 455 days.

As of today I have 415, that gives me something to aim for.

I think you have the longest streak. On another discussion though, I saw someone with a streak of almost 500. That was a month ago =D

Wow 500 days. I am on 445 now, wander if I can make 500. But then the person with 500 would have more if they didn't stop......

I wonder if the counter would exceed a 1000, or if it will be stuck at 999. Only one way to find out...

i think that person has a streak of 540 or something now?

I have 158 days.

505! I'm not that top it seems though :)

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