will duolingo ever do latin? it be cool, and also my latin course is going to end soon (due to ppl not joining). so duolingo please do latin. :)

plz up vote if you agree that duolingo should do latin

November 9, 2017


It's on the list, go there and like it!

They will add Latin, but we have no idea when.

I hope it is sooner than later! :)

why is it called a 'dead language'?

Because nobody speaks it (as a native language or in daily life).

Because nobody speaks it actively. It's mostly used for terms in the hospital and other occupations.

Some do speak it actively. For instance, and #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, and plenty more (click on the little black triangle underneath JAKSOT).

[changed reference to link]

Latin is still actively spoken by a select group of people, and of all the ancient languages it is arguably the best known. However, there are no native speakers of Latin - not anymore, at least. You cannot spend some time in a Latin speaking country to learn the language, because there aren't any.

I support this idea!!!

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