"Bude se mi po tobě stýskat."

Translation:I am going to miss you.

November 9, 2017

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Strange, there is no entry for stýskat on neither English nor Czech Wiktionary... Is it a commonly used verb at all? There seems to be another verb postrádat which also means to miss. Then there is also chybět which we learnt in previous lessons... Which one of those is better to use in real life and is there any difference in them at all?


"Chybět" is the most general of them and the most used of them as well

"Stýskat se po" is reserved for people, things or activities we really love

"Postrádat" sounds formal, almost indifferent. It is appropriate when speaking about lack / shortage of something.


In the slow audio I hear "po" as "do".


Can someone please tell me the literal translation of the Czech sentence?


That's very difficult to do because English has no equivalent of the verb "stýskat se".

Here's an attempt: "It will itself to me after you nostalgize." Not every helpful, is it?

Probably better to try something less literal. "stýskat se" means to "miss someone" but the subject is not the person doing the "missing", nor the missed person, but instead an impersonal "it" - the feeling itself. The person struck by this feeling is expressed in the dative case, here it's "mi" (to me). The missed person is introduced with the preposition "po" in the locative case - "po tobě" (after you).

So...word by word: "Bude..." - it will, "se" - the reflexive pronoun that is a part of the verb, "mi" - to me (it's my feeling), "po tobě" - after you (you're the target of the feeling), "stýskat" - the mysterious verb referring to the feeling of longing, missing, or nostalgia = a derived noun "stesk".


Thank you for the explanation. I wanted to get a word to word, or a literal translation because I just could not understand what's going on in the sentence. Your explanation helps me understand the process a bit.


Just wanted to add another thank you for your post.

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