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Finnish please!

Hey! I am very fond of Duolingo and my teachers made me use it for years! Just recently I made my own account and have been enjoying all the options!

But the thing is, there is no Finnish course for English speakers. It isn't even in the incubator! I have a couple of Finnish friends and the idea of me being able to speak with them in their own language sounds amazing!

Does anybody know if Duolingo has even thought about making a Finnish course, if so, when? I would loooove to know. Or is there anyone else who even wants a Finnish course?

Much thanks!

November 9, 2017



"Is there anyone else who even wants a Finnish course?"

Finnish is the most popularly requested language. Personally, I am SHOCKED duolingo doesn't have it yet. I'm wishing for this course too though. Anyway, follow Speir_'s directions.


Cross your fingers for December 6, Finland's 100th anniversary! I will be genuinely shocked if Duolingo doesn't open development for Finnish on that day tbh.


[GUIDE] I would like a new course: What should I do?


A lot of people want finnish, I hope it happens, soon!


Yup, Finnish is the most requested courses now. But sadly, there isn't any course.

Maybe you can ask your friend to register for contributors for that course.

And then... Idk!!! Many people registed but there's still no.

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