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Chinese and Arabic

Soooo excited to see Arabic and Chinese in the incubator for English speakers! These are probably two of the hardest languages to learn and having it as one of the languages soon to go to beta makes me very excited!

Of Course Hindi as well as each gives access to almost 1 billion people for each of the languages.

November 10, 2017



Yes! It's very exciting. I've heard that the percents aren't really accurate though -- that Chinese is set to be released in a week or so, and Hindi around spring 2018. Who knows! In any case, great to have such widely spoken languages :)

(Also, as someone learning Chinese, can I just say that it's not 'the hardest language to learn', which is a good thing! I can usually learn about 5 characters a day, and they're beautiful and fun and have common bits. And the grammar is much simpler than English or Spanish (two things: no masc/fem distinction, and no verb conjugation. Woot!). So yes, it's gonna be great to have something to hopefully show people it isn't that scary!)


I'm excited about both of these languages too.
Especially considering how hard it is to find good free sources for learning these languages.


Oh yes! I am highly anticipating both of these languages to come out.

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