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esse / essen

which one is the correct one ? I've learned them both ways and I know they both mean eat but when is the proper time to use them?

November 10, 2017



With Ich , you will add -e at the end of the verbs.

With du , you will add -st at the end of the verbs

With sie/er/es/ ihr, you will add -t at the end of the verbs.

With wir and sie ( they ) , you will add -en at the end of the verbs.

There are some special cases that not follow the rules above. Hope this help you !


this is so useful thank you so much bro!!! :)


ich esse, wir essen, etc.


the infinitive form is essen. to this into a sentence, you remove the 'en', its infinitive ending, and replace it with: Ich: e du: st er/sie/es: t ihr/Sie/wir (plurals in general): en

so essentially, it is this: Ich: esse du: esst er/sie/es: isst (little odd here) ihr/Sie/wir: essen

or another example, Spielen.

Ich: spiele du: spielst er/sie/es: spielt ihr/Sie/wir: spielen

This works with any word like this.


The conjugation above is not quite right. The complete conjugation of "essen" goes like this:

ich esse;
du isst;
er/sie/es isst;
wir essen;
ihr esst;
sie essen

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