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Guys, does tinycards' sets ever finish, like by showing you don't need to go over them ever again?

November 10, 2017

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Think about it by fighting with your "words forgetting curve". Can you (completely) stop fighting one day?

This is e.g the Memrise wiki SR algorithm: http://memrise-users.wikia.com/wiki/Memrise_Spaced_Repetition_Intervals

If TinyCards would not be implemented as a SRS, then something is probably going wrong. I am not the developer.

BTW: I guess what is even more important is to think for your training of RECALLING your "learned words", by typing the L1->L2 translation in the L2 target language!!!

Does it support something like this (instead of the translation into your source/base/native language) where you have only to read the target language and where can you eliminate stupid multiple-choice exercises for review?

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