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Help with (Canadian) French address pronunciation?

Hello! Could you help me with this question?

The following is a (fake) Canadian address: 3008 Boulevard Leblanc Bureau 318 Ste-Noémie-de-Woburn, SK P9Z7Q6

How do you read out the first number in the first line? For example, digit by digit? Or in groups of two digits? Or as an actual number (containing thousands, etc.)? Or are all of these valid option? What if it contains six digits? And what about the office number?

Thank you!

November 10, 2017



I'm not sure about Canadian French but, in France, as a rule for phone numbers, the French recite them as pairs of digits. For instance take this phone number:

02 98 65 66 45 you'd say zéro deux/ quatre-vingt-dix-huit/ soixante-cinq/ soixante-six/ quarante-cinq.

As for the street address of 3008, you would say trois mille huit.


I think digit by digit would not be too surprising in a situation requiring precision, but a four digit number similar to a year would usually be read that way, i.e. trois mille huit. That said, in much of the province the old form of saying pairs of digits would be the most common for anything other than a number similar to a year.

So for example, 9975 Rue St. Laurent would usually be 'neuf mille.'., but the neighbours at 10103 would likely be at dix, dix, trois

The three digit office number could be either way. I suspect digit by digit is the more 'French'.

For phone numbers xxx-xxx-xxxx, the normal pattern is to have the three digit sequences stated number, the four digit recited as two pairs.

Caveat - I live in a heavily bilingual area, the forms may alter in more Francophone regions.


They're all totally valid and all are used.

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