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  5. "왜 눈치가 없어?"

" 눈치가 없어?"

Translation:Why are you slow-witted?

November 10, 2017



Given a previous correct answer, the phrase indicates the lack of tact. This would imply that the person is curt, abrupt,or evem rude.


No, more like "clueless" or "dense"


In the sentence about the mother asking, 눈치 is translated "tact." Another sentence says, "Koreans like people who have tact," using 눈치. So I put, "Why are you tactless?" [a very tactless question!]. The program marked it wrong. Oct. 14, 2019.


Your translation in my opinion is closer to the definition of 눈치 없다.

Just as I think 눈치 있다 should be interpreted as "savvy", 눈치 없다 should be interpreted as "imperceptible" which does not indicate a low IQ (low EI, emotional intelligence perhaps)

Slow-witted on the other hand means low IQ. Wrong choice for word.


The subject is not given. It copuld just as easily been "Why am I slow witted." Asking a Korean this question to his or her face is about the biggest insult I can think of and would likely end any friendship or relationship. It is a 큰 일! You're calling them stupid!!!

The answer should be changed or the statement should be remomoved.


The english sentence is better translated to 왜 우둔해?


What does 우둔해 mean?


우둔 - (noun) inanity, vacuity

우둔하다 - be vacant, empty-headed, ... stupid.


It takes a lot of efforts to get there...


눈치 없다 = emotionally inept, unsavvy ...

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