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Why did Duolingo give a very big achievement task

Keeping all golden skills at a time is really tough!

November 10, 2017



I agree with OmegaGmaster.
Using the method in https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6176795/Best-Way-to-Make-Your-Tree-Turn-Gold-and-Stay-Gold is very efficient.
Every day I only need to do 2 - 10 strengthenings in Duolingo's web version to keep four trees gold.


I think it's supposed to be hard. Until the vocab is really ingrained it's easy to forget. Remember how long it took you to master your native tounge… But alas - I agree with you. I had all my skills golden but it took many hours of practice.. Enjoy the work - it pays off. Christel


Well... you just have to be very good at it. (I just started yesterday (doing this achievement) And i'm already to like a bit after the last checkpoint!). iT is tough though, but i think that it is possible. (Just try to do it all in one day, when you get the time!)


If it was easy, it wouldn't be much of an achievement ;)

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