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What caused you to want to learn French?

November 10, 2017



Honestly....? Uhm... 1. EVERYBODY in my school are required to learn at least 2 years of a different language or we don't graduate 2. I enjoy the language and very few people actually sign up because it's the hardest class to attend. 3. I would be the first bilingual person in my family. 4. I can curse at people and when they ask what I said I just smile and walk away. :D


Three things:
1. In high school, everyone else took French (I took Spanish) and sadly I am subject to peer pressure.
2. The way it sounds!!!
3. The fact that it is spoken in so many different countries, including Canada which shares a border with the USA. I tend to want to study languages in the hopes of visiting a place where I can actually speak the language. This is my primary motivation.


I have french class in school and it was part of the teacher's assignment.


Because I want to go to France soon! I also want to become fluent in at least 2 languages.


17 day streak? Thats some dedication!


you will reach there if your really committed , :D GOOD LUCK


Keep the brain challenged. After a long time interest in languages, I decided to learn French and Italian which are totally new to me. I believe that it will avoid the dementia that can come with advancing years.


u can fly ヽ(☀°‿°☀)ノ


Visiting the country soon, don't want to look like an idiot! Also, why is it in every other country, they all seem to speak english. In America, two semesters of a 'foreign' language in high school, is all you need..? Thankful for this program


J'ai veut lire les romans françaises. Actuellement je suis en train de lire Harry Potter et les Trois Contes de Flaubert.


Quand tu auras fini tous les tomes de Harry Potter (!!!) et Flaubert, tu pourras lire "Ravage" de René Barjavel (livre de science fiction de 1943... qui a eu beaucoup de succès et en a toujours ; écriture classique, belle...). :-)


I love the sounds and the beautiful vocabulary. Thanks to Duolingo I also get a lot of A's at my French classes at school :)


I wanted to go to France


I’ve purchased a so called BD intégrale (a comic which has multiple parts of a story in one book) which was only ever released in french, but the first part was also printed in german (which i received as a gift). My curiosity made me purchase the complete story ;-) The story itself is called „Tombelaine“ btw. and it takes places mostly in Bejing around 1900‘s boxer revolt.


I am naturally ok at other subjects in school but I am terrible at French so I can actually pass lol


C'est la plus belle langue du monde. Also, it turns out there's lots of female students in most classes!


I hated being monolingual, especially after learning about countries where children are raised speaking two or even more languages. Being monolingual just feels so limiting these days.

As for French in particular, I like the sound of the language and there are many francophone countries.


My husband and I travelled through Africa by Land Rover in 1986. When I came home, I was determined to return so started learning the most spoken language, French. I have continued to learn it on and off and, even though those plans of returning are totally shot to pieces due to my husband's health issues, I am still enamoured of the language.


J'aime la langue, c'est la plus belle langue. Wish to visit french countries around the world.


I learnt French at school which was many years ago. I've always remembered parts of it but was getting more rusty, so I came here as a refresher and to learn more. I practice every day and try to keep my knowledge going.

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