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"Žofie psa, jejž se František bojí."

Translation:Žofie has a dog that František is afraid of.

November 10, 2017



"jejž" is incorrect. The correct word is "jehož".


if only there were a way of checking your assertion. oh, wait.


Either "which" or "that" is correct as the object of "of".


Not always.

  1. She has a dog of which F is afraid.
  2. She has a dog of that F is afraid.
  3. He is afraid. Of that you can be sure.

Sentences 1 and 3 are OK, but 2 is not.


I was referring to the given sentence and its possible translations. Either "which" or "that" is correct as the object of "of" when "of" is at the end of the relative clause. Ion1122's sentence #3 is not a translation of the original Czech sentence and doesn't contain a relative clause, so it is not a relevant example.

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