Problem with Genitive case sentence

Das ist das Haus der Gro├čeltern should be translated as "This [or that] is the grandparents' house." Note the apostrophe after "grandparents", required in English to make the word possessive. Duo counts the translation as correct, but says the apostrophe is a typo.

Obviously, this needs to be corrected. But there is no way to report the error. The only error-reporting possibilities are that the audio is wrong, the dictionary hints are wrong, or the German sentence is unnatural.

As @domlecon pointed out in the discussion for that item, a language-learning site really needs to teach correct grammar, especially on an item like apostrophe use that so many native English speakers screw up.

November 10, 2017

November 10, 2017

Grandparents is the plural noun of grandparent. Grandparents' is the possessive form of the of the plural noun grandparents. For example:

My grandparents have a nice house. I enjoy staying at my grandparents' house.

In my opinion, you are correct and Duolingo should have accepted the apostrophe without complaint.

November 12, 2017

That is correct

November 10, 2017

Yeah, this does make sense. Even though some people here speak English and want to learn a new language, the website should not be saying things to us that are incorrect grammar in English, because we could be learning a tiny bit of bad information and we might not know it (NO OFFENSE WHATSOEVER TO DUOLINGO!!!!!!).

November 11, 2017

Oh and yes I also agree with slamRN, idk if there should be an apostrophe or not, but I hope that it is not incorrect

November 11, 2017
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