"Look at the proof in pictures!"

Translation:Regarde la preuve en images !

November 10, 2017

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How do we know to choose "en" here?

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Is there a reason why "regardez la preuve en images" is not accepted?


I responded the same, and I am rather certain it is a correct alternate


I would like to know why "images," has no article... ??


The preposition en is not usually followed by an article.


Yes, i would like to know that too. why not 'les' or 'des' images ... we are always told that nouns must always be proceeded by the article.


Regarde la preuve en photos. Accepted :)


la preuve and l'épreuve both mean proof. DL does not except both.


l'épreuve as "proof" is only true in very specific contexts. I can only think of photography at the moment. When you do all the chemistry stuff to turn print pictures from old-style cameras, those prints are called proofs in English, and épreuves in French.

Mostly une épreuve is a challenge, a test.

Une preuve is a proof as in maths, or a piece of evidence as in forensics. Une preuve is whatever can "prove" something.


"Regarde a la preuve en images" Wrong? Why? If so, the drop down hints should not have stated "a la"


Regarder = to look at. Regardez la télé. Adding à would be redundant and incorrect. It depends on the verb. A number of verbs don't take prepositions before the direct object.


But what is it trying to say? Has Duo missed photoshopping?


Why la preuve singular here but les preuves plural for the judges? Does evidence always require the plural but proof can only be singular?


The English here is horrible. I can imagine a rare circumstance where it would work, but given that this is a demonstrative sntence, given the exclamation mark, it should surely read ' the pictures'.

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