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Tips for learning french

(I am not an expert in french this is just some advice I think is helpful)

French is both an easy and difficult language at the same time. Easy because a lot of the words are the same or similar, difficult because the pronunciations can be wildly different from the spellings. But if you would like to learn french I have some tips to make it easier to learn and recall.

Duolingo is very good for learning french but you shouldn't only use duolingo. Tinycards is very useful when you have to memorize a lot of things at once, like food, clothing, or animals. There is another learning program called memrise, which is more for conversational french. Memrise is really helpful if you are planning on going to france on short notice and you want to know how to make your way around. I advise if you plan on learning french and using it often, you should use both.

If you want to become fluent in the language I think it is a must to learn all the genders for the nouns. At first I tried to ignore the genders but I realized it is impossible. For me flashcards help, and repetitive drilling. If that doesn't work for you, another thing that helps is coming up with a memorable phrase for a word. Like gâteau, which mean cake, is masculine so I remembered that by thinking of the italian word, gatto, which is mainly masculine.

That is all the tips I use for learning french, but remember I am not an expert. Have fun learning!

November 10, 2017

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These tips are useful! I also love Memrise. One tip I have is writing down a few words on a post it note , or a word that you can't seem to pronounce correctly or remember, and put it where you see it a lot. Like on your mirror in the bathroom or desk at work.

Also, if you can't spell something correctly, write it down 5 times, turn the piece of paper over, and write it 3 times without looking at the word on the other side.

Great tips!

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