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Strengthen Skills button needed on iPhone mobile app

Currently it's only available (that I can see) on the website. For those of us that practice on the web app at work or at other public locales, using the microphone is not an option. Adding a Strengthen Skills button to the iphone mobile app would make for a more thorough learning environment.

November 10, 2017



It's called "Practice" on Mobile.


Thanks, OmegaGmaster. In case anyone else is having the same issue, Practice (not per-lesson practice, but global practice) can be found at the bottom of the phone app, 2nd icon from the left. For some it is a dumbbell, while for others it will be a heart icon called "Health" - once you click on the Health icon you'll want to click on the "Practice +1" icon contained within.


With the disclaimer that versions of the app can vary: it's always been there (I use it myself), it's currently a little dumbbell-shaped icon, which I believe is second from left at the bottom of the screen.


Thanks. I think you've just helped me to locate it. On my version it's tucked away inside a heart-shaped icon called "Health" (bottom of the screen, second from the left) and there is a button in there called "Practice." It's probably the same practice button that user OmegaGmaster referred to, although that's a bit ubiquitous as that nomenclature is used in the individual lessons as well as in this Health region. I find this all devoid of clarity, but whatever, the function is there, even if it's named differently across app versions. Fact of the matter is that I haven't created anything better, and Duolingo has done for my language learning what nothing else has, save the occasional real-world conversation with native-speakers.

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