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  5. "Jak úzké jsou její dveře?"

"Jak úzké jsou její dveře?"

Translation:How narrow is her door?

November 10, 2017



or presumably "are her doors"??


We accept plural too.


How can it be anything other than plural?


dveře in Czech is like English trousers, scissors, glasses,... - always plural.


I agree with vlada's explanation. I have never heard the singular. In the elevator there is juat one door but they always say "the door opens" and "the door closes" using the plural form.


You or someone else might find this helpful. In English, door has both singular and plural forms. Some examples:

"I opened the door to the baby's room and saw that he was sleeping peacefully." -- "When we left the house, we locked all of the doors." -- "The elevator stopped at my floor, but the door didn't open." -- Announcement on Washington metro system: "Doors closing!"


Would we only be able to tell whether the question concerns one door or many doors from context from earlier in this conversation?


Yes, from context. It's just like when you ask "How sharp are her scissors?" or "How clean are her pants?" - you also don't know how many objects you're talking about except from context.


Thank you, that makes sense! :) In British English, we would say trousers... pants would mean something entirely different, but that's a conversation for another day! ;)


Lol, funnily enough, just as I wrote "pants", the thought occurred to me: "What if he's British? Maybe I should write trousers?" -- but then I overruled the thought: "Why would I assume that?" :D

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