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You can no longer see someone's streak count on the profile page?

It seems duolingo changed the profile page so streak counts are not visible. So there is no way of knowing someones streak count now? Unless you look them up on the forum maybe.

Is this a move towards phasing out streaks completely? What do you think?

November 10, 2017



Your streak does not appear on your profile page for me, but others have commented otherwise.
It's possible that this is due to an A/B test, but I cannot confirm that.

(Also, the small gear in the upper right corner on someone's profile no longer exists, meaning the block feature has been removed, or at least for me.)


Well, since there is no activity stream it's pretty much useless, right?


I think it's the "Achievements" view. The option to block a user doesn't seem to be there either (the gray gear icon that used to be to the right of the user profile picture).


I can see the settings and the streak, but not the achievements.


Yes that is what I noticed. Users who were switched to the achievements view cannot see a (non zero) streak , and those who still have the old view still can see the streak.


Hi Ian,

the user script DuoTweak could probably bring it back, if you use the whitelist workaround to activate the old code.

It always showed the streak freeze flame on user profiles.


I can see your streak both here in the discussion and on your profile page (NICE streak, by the way!!)
Maybe that's just because I'm a moderator though?
I suppose it's also possible that whoever's profile you viewed simply did not have a streak.


I confirm that it is not because I saw his streak too.

Also, if the person did not have a streak, it would say '0 days' instead of disappearing.

Hopefully the info helped.


I can also see his streak, also mine (on profile).
However, I can NOT see achievements on my profile page.


It is an a/b test. I do not have achievements either.


This seems to have to do with the achievments A/B test.


I'm guessing you can still see the old (actually even older than otherwise current; like for yours I can see your translation tier and a fb profile link, although it doesn't work) profile pages by opening them in a private browser window.

Don't have the achievements, so can't test if it works myself, though.


I have the achievements. When I open your profile in private mode I see your translation tiers for portugese, eight and two.


OMG lets bring back the streak! Many people have worked so much to get a long streak just to see it gone =(

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