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Will there be a way to keep our profile simple after the achievement update?

Ever since achievements were added onto the PC version of Duolingo, my profile page has been made extremely long with the friends list way at the bottom, and where you could view location and streak are no longer there, there's now handful of achievements. Don't get me wrong, I think it's nice that we have achievements now, but do you, Creators/Staff of Duolingo, think it would be possible to have the older layout and the achievements in the drop-down when mousing over your name or perhaps have the option to collapse/expand the achievements when viewing your profile? Personally I prefer for my profile to be simple and so that I don't have to scroll constantly, I'm wondering if other users feel the same. As I mentioned before, the achievements are a nice addition and provides more of a productive challenge to Duolingo, but I think it would be nice to keep our profile simple if we wished it with said options.

November 10, 2017



Can you post a screenshot of how these achievements look? Also, can you only see your own achievements, or other people's too? (Don't look for mine, as I don't even have them on the app.)
I can see no achievements on anyone's profile.


Sorry for the delayed response, I've been quite busy as of late with other things.

Anyhow, here's the screenshots of what my profile looks like.

When viewing my profile : https://ibb.co/n1FtCm

When viewing another's profile : https://ibb.co/fMLUJR

(i.e. yours).

[deactivated user]

    My achievements aren't listed for some reason.


    Apparently its an A/B test. I don't have it yet either.


    I doubt I'm going to be a fan of these achievements if they ever hit me.

    I'm guessing you can see a simple version of your profile if you just open it in a private browser window. It'll be an even older version of the profile page than what anybody normally sees when logged in: your levels from your current base language only (although you wouldn't notice a difference if all your courses are from a single base language) and even the old Immersion translator tiers for those (few) that have them.


    I don't have the achievements ether, do you have the membership version?


    if so that mite be why some people don't have it.


    I don't believe I have the membership version.

    (In fact I didn't even know that exists)


    Yes, I've heard that others don't have this for some reason. I'm not sure, maybe they're doing some sort of testing by randomly giving user accounts these achievements.

    A friend of mine has achievements, as well, while another says that everything is the same as usual. All I know is that I'd love to be able to simplify the interface.

    And when I've viewed other accounts, I haven't seen their achievements. I think it's only visible to the individual who has achievements. But I also don't see streak or location or such when I view other's profiles, I'm not sure why.


    yes they have a membership that you can get, and it takes away all the adds.

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