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"Matěj je můj nejlepší přítel, jemuž říkám všechno."

Translation:Matěj is my best friend, to whom I tell everything.

November 10, 2017



The English translation needs the preposition "to". Matej is my best friend to whom I tell everything. OR Matej is my best friend whom I tell everything to.


I think it's fine without "to".


The sentence to me implies that there are better friends to whom I'm not saying everything...


I would agree if there were no comma. The comma makes what follows connect back to 'Matej' rather than to 'my best friend'.


Nice observation. Another interesting thing is that the use of "jemuž" rather than "kterému" means that even the Czech sentence is technically of the non-restrictive type, which is usually impossible to glean from Czech relative sentences without context. Here is a plain text quote from CzechEncy.org:

Stejně tak je mluvnice tohoto typu slabá pro výklad jiného strukturálního rozdílu mezi RelZ který a jenž, který pozoruje Šimík (2008): v.v.j.h. v (7), ale nikoliv v (8), může fungovat jako „srovnávací třída“ pro superlativ. V důsledku toho má (8) pouze čtení jako věta vztažná neomezovací:

(7) Karel je ten nejlepší muzikant, kterého jsem mohl pozvat na svou párty

(8) Karel je ten nejlepší muzikant, jehož jsem mohl pozvat na svou párty


I lean towards the first comment. "To whom", while grammatically correct, would most likely not be used in spoken discourse anyway, colloquial American English is well on the way to forgetting about the who-whom distinction.


In which way do you lean towards the comment? I do not see any connection. There will be cases of more bookish and more colloquial sentences throughout the course. Be prepared for that. Both in English and in Czech. This course does NOT aim just towards spoken English or spoken Czech.


While that's true, a combination of colloquial (omitting "to") and formal (using "whom") is a bit like saying Je to dobrej velký člověk. Maybe someone would say it, but is it realistic to mix formal and colloquial?


"To whom" is also accepted, and has been since about the time that the issue was raised.


There is probably no harm also changing the main translation, if it will make it more natural or more consistent.


Done (changed to "to whom").

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