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Inappropriate Content

I am leaning more towards not using Duolingo for the reason of it giving me translations (articles) that are explicitly inappropriate! Has anyone else had this problem?

March 15, 2013



I don't think it bothers me quite as much as my two friends who contacted me saying that they got an extremely inappropriate article given to them to translate. I guess I just don't feel quite as safe recommending Duolingo to my siblings or some of my friends. I know how to avoid it, but others don't.


Sorry, I thought that you were talking about the sentences. Still, you can report articles through the Support function on the left side of the screen.


yes I reported but there was no answer!


I suppose some of the sentences may seem inappropriate, but i don't think that's what they imply, they just seem to be inappropriate by how you read them. Maybe there are some, but i have yet to encounter them.


It's the articles themselves that are inappropriate. No question about it for me.


Your account has almost no history yet you know there is a problem with articles?


That was my sister. I showed her the articles. :)


OH! I understand now. Sorry about that. I HAVE encountered sentences like that. It's really annoying. Duolingo should screen the translations first or something.


I just realized you were talking about the TRANSLATIONS. Sorry.


No problem, thanks for your input. :)

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