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Getting a Head Start With Arabic | اللغة العربية


Would you like if it did some basic Arabic intro stuff in a condensed manner in the forum? I have a lot of experience learning it, especially how to go about the basics. It could be an opportunity to get a head start before the course comes out, and understand a bit more about how the language works.

THOUGH, I am not a native speaker, I am still learning, and I am sure native speakers could point out things I could do better! But I do understand the basics learning from an English and Spanish Perspective (And I bet I could do it with Portuguese too, not that it is that important to all of you)

But, what do you think? شو تفكّرون عن هذا

November 10, 2017



I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I would like to point that the Arabic text you wrote in your post isn't Modern Standard Arabic.


Yes, I wrote شو instead of ماذا; I am aware. For me, more recently, when I write in Arabic I try to use more dialect words so that I remember them, though I am fully aware ماذا is فصحى and شو is Shamii, at least. I don't really love MSA that much and I would rather get better at the dialect, fully knowing that written texts will have the MSA word.مفهوم؟


The sentence you wrote doesn't belong to any dialect and isn't consistent. If you are going to say it in Levantine Arabic it will be "شو رايكن" or "شو عم تفكروا".


I think I may have tried it; and if so I thought it was ok. I think I liked Duolingo as a product better.

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