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How to reach C2 in a minority language?

Whenever I read something about getting a C2 level it says how you either need to immerse yourself in the langauge by reading and listening to it a lot and moving to the country where it’s spoken or at least meeting with natives a lot.

I don’t know how to do this with Irish. I watch as much as I can but there just isn’t enough. It’s even worse with reading because there’s only about three or four new articles a day. Considering one of my main hobbies is reading online I just can’t immerse myself.

I hear you say go to the Gaeltacht. Well considering they probably won’t exist in a couple of years I don’t know where to go.

November 10, 2017



Someone put this link in a different post. It takes some rummaging to find exactly the sort of things you want, but hopefully this will link to some Irish audio



With a touch of Googling https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Irish_language_media http://www.rte.ie/rnag/

Couldn't get the stream there to work, but I had RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta streaming on my iPhone in the TuneIn app with a search for "RTE" and a click.


Má ba mhaith leatsa tú féin sa theanga a tumadh tá sé ortsa TG4 a húsáid. Tá a lán áiseanna ann don Gaeilgeoirí agus foghlaimeoirí anseo: http://www.tg4.ie/ga/

I mo bhárúil féin, caitheann tú feachaint ar Ros na Rún! Is sobalchlár faoi shaol na Gaeltachta é. :)

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