I had 4 out of 5 bars in a particular lesson I did a strengthening exercise and you didn't increase it to 5 then I went ahead and did a lesson over in the same topic and you still didn't increase it to 5 the more I use this program the more it sucks and saps your motivation

November 10, 2017


Sometimes a skill takes more than one session to strengthen. That's perfectly normal.

Okay now I've gone back and did a strengthening exercises and redid three lessons and still you will not give me five out of five bars!! Ridiculous! I see though that you aren't wasting any time putting a million freaking ads on the page

Hi Genobambin, You speak with your pocket book. Give them money, and they will take the adds ;) Also, if you want to talk about adds, than you can look at this discussion :)

If it takes more than 5 sessions, then that's a problem and you should report it.

Depends on how solid you are when you redo it. If you make lots of errors as you go and it takes a while, or if you use the cursor to “hover” over words for hints a lot, it assumes you don’t really have that skill down cold. Consequently it won’t fill it up to 100% completed, solid gold.

I’ve managed to get all of mine gold with no issues, but I’m reasonably fluent (B1+).

If you are going through with no errors and no hovering, and it still won’t show solid gold, then there’s surely an issue.

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