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I am new to Duolingo

I was wondering if someone could explain all of this leveling up and lingot things. What is it all for? Thanks in advance!

November 10, 2017



Hi Magicat7, Welcome to Duolingo! the lingots are mainly for motivation purposes. You can buy some extra stuff in the lingot store (click the lingot icon to get to the lingot store), and you can give them to post that you like. And the leveling up... I can't really explain that, so you'll have to wait for someone else to explain that ;) There are a lot of things I'm sure you don't understand, but don't worry, you will find them out. But in the meantime... Learn well, study hard, and Have fun :D


Okay! Thanks for the welcome! It makes more sense now.


Welcome to Duolingo, Magicat7! It is the best language learning site/app I have used! To level up, you have to get a certain amount of XP (experience points). You gain XP from completing lessons and practices.


Welcome to Dulingo! The lingots are like money. You use them to buy things in the Lingot Store? And to level up you remember the language better.


Umm okay. But how do I access this Lingot Store?


You click on the lingot icon in between your streak and the bell on the top blue bar. That will take you to the lingot store, where you can purchase bonus skills (in some courses), a timed practice feature (which I recommend for you to buy once you get enough lingots), a streak freeze (which, when you miss a day, keeps your streak for you, but does not add a day to your streak), and a lingot wager (which you can buy for 5 lingots, and if you keep a streak of 7 days, it will give you ten lingots in return).


Listed and Explained (reformatted things plus additional explanations by French Byte)

~ Bonus Skills: extra lessons and practices

~ Timed Practice Feature: times your speed with practicing and gives you more X P

~ Streak Freeze: if you miss a day, your streak stays the same

~ Double or Nothing: you spend some lingots and expect twice your payment in return, but only if you keep a one-week streak


So the lingots are digital currency? What is in the lingot store?


Virtual currency. Click on the "Lingot Store" button near the top of a tree or where your lingot icon is, and scroll to the bottom. Description and Items.


You welcome.Hope to see you level 25 in the near future.


You click on the lingot icon on the upper right corner of the screen , i'm just assuming you were using a laptop or computer . The lingot icon is red , just click on it and it will bring you there . You have to need to earn some of those lingots in order of acctually do anything in the lingot store .


Leveling up only depends on how many XP you have. Here are the levels

0-level 1

60 - level 2

120- level 3

180 -level 4

300 -level 5

450- level 6

750 -level 7

1125 -level 8

1650 -level 9

2250- level 10

3000 level 11

3900 level 12

4900 level 13

6000 level 14

7500- level 15

9000 -level 16

10500 level 17

12000 -level 18

13500 -level 19

15000 level 20

17000 level 21

19000 level 22

22500 level 23

26000 level 24

30000 level 25


Okay, thanks everyone! I am feeling better about all of this already!


Why do you learn French?

Are you aware that only Duo labs BETA stories are available in Spanish and Portuguese?

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      I already know Spanish

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