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Reversing our Courses

Recently, I've noticed a lot of people who I know are native-English speakers learning English. This is probably the cause of a series of Duolingo Discussions talking about reversing our courses. By this, I mean that I could take the English for French Speakers course instead of vice-versa.

Any comments?

November 11, 2017



Yep. Duo seems to emphasise translations from 'target' to 'native' so, by doing the reverse tree, you get more English to French translation questions.

The next step is laddering - e.g. French to German.


Many people do the reverse course after the primary to improve their second language.


Search in the Duolingo forums for "reverse tree" and you'll find plenty of comments--thousands. (You're right; for instance: I'm a native English speaker; my only level 25 is English for Russian speakers.)

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