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"Slyším barvy černou a červenou."

Translation:I hear colors black and red.

November 11, 2017



Why "I hear black and red colors" is not accepted?


Also, "I hear colors black and red" sounds unnatural to me. Granted, I'm not a native speaker of English, but "I hear THE colors black and red" or "I hear black and red" (not accepted) both seem more grammatical.


I am a native English speaker and you are correct that both of those do sound much more appropriate. (Never mind the fact that colors cannot be heard without the assistance of some psychoactive.)


These are song lyrics; see, for example, https://mojim.com/usy119289x11x20.htm. And actually, a neurological condition called synesthesia allows some people to hear colors; see the link in endless_sleeper's comment.


Options with "the" are accepted.


Can anyone provide some context for this sentence? When would you HEAR the colors black and red?


Maybe when you hear the song from Les Miserables? IDK, just a wild guess. :D


ever played bingo? Maybe there is a color bingo. And those slightly poor on hearing older folks playing it..


'I hear the colours black and red' is accepted. (I did a thought experiment, substituting 'see' for 'hear'. Killed the poesie. If no definite article, then a comma is needed, announcing the list, IMHO.)


Haha its perfect! I hear colors, I see music etc.

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