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Coco review, SPOILER ALERT

The new movie from Disney and Pixar is an exquisite result of an intensive work, investigation and a little bit of magic.

When I saw the add the first thing that I thought was: "Oh holly! Yet another north-american production trying to recreate Mexico". And the next thing was: The idea is very similar to the movie "El arbol de la vida" its producer was Guillermo del Toro. And for some reason when foreign people talk of Mexico they always talk about death's day.

But well, the movie shows us a town, a small town with its traditions, its people know each other and well our way to demonstrate that family is so important for us. As mexicans our mother is a holy icon hehe.

Miguel is a boy that tries to show his taste for the music following his favourite artist "De la Cruz", he loves music, however his family don't because in some moment of the past her grand gran mother was abandoned by his husband, and then she and Coco have to live or survive by their own.

But well, for some reason when Miguel tries to play with De la Cruz's guitar se became some kind of "zombie" and he entered to the land of the deaths, I have to mention PIXAR use this "world" to demosntrate its complete domain of animation and color (if you remember Moana the crab was a delicious taste of color), our way to understand the death is not crying, just the opposite the death is not darkness, it is a path to the new life, no shadows, only joy and happyness.

Miguel tries to come back with his family (the alive one) without success and he tries to reach De la Cruz for this purpose and another death help him to reach De la Cruz...

But well I won't tell you more!!!

In general the movie shows us a real Mexico, with some magic, traditions, and the most important thing: with Love.

November 11, 2017

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"And for some reason when foreign people talk of Mexico they always talk about death's day."

Its a unique holiday, very distinct celebration.

Kind of like how howleen spread all over the world, I was in Japan during howleen years ago, they all dress up and have a big party on the streets. They are more into howleen then we are in the U.S.

All nations have parties like cinco de mayo, 4th of july etc. Deaths day is unique just like howleen is.

Anyway good review


thank you for your comment, I did not know about that Japan holiday!!


I alredy saw that movie it is good


yeah! Well it is not the best from pixar but it is pretty cool! thank you for your comment!!


Hey!, glad to see another English Talk.

First, Congratulations. Aside from some minor typos, the post was excellent.

Now, I would like to thank you. I will certainly watch that movie tomorrow night. I truly enjoy this kind of movies. By "this kind of movies", I talk about the ones which tell music related stories. So far, my favorite movies of "this kind" are: Amadeus, Immortal Beloved, Dos hijos de Francisco, and La bamba. In that order.

This will be the first animated movie "of this kind" I'll watch, I hope I can added to the list.

P.S. (For anyone who reads this comment): I would like to receive corrections on my writing. Thanks

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