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You can buy used language learning textbooks at a low price.

I recently (Nov 9) ordered a used book Italian a Self-Teaching Guide, Second Edition from Amazon.com for US $5.28 and expect it soon. I looked at many pages of this and many other Italian learning textbooks on their website. Thought you might like to know about language books that can be cheaply bought. Regards, Carptoon

November 11, 2017



...Or you can find some for free here.


Wow, thank you. I'll check into that.


Sadly, this link keeps coming up as a 404 error (often a problem in the DL discussions). Are you still able to access it on your end?

I was looking forward to seeing what would open up. :)


On line or at library book sales.


Depending on where you live, the good old public libraries are usually the best budget option. I pay 15€ per year and they have a ton of textbooks about languages. Of course the Internet also holds a ton of free resources.


Of course, thank you, you mentioned the library which should have been my first source. I took out Berlitz New Basic Italian. Watching movies in Italian isn't working for me as a passive learning technique because I know too little to understand anything. Listening to the CD's that come with the Berlitz set is great while resting. Duolingo is the best and supplementing it with other resources is good, too.


You hit the nail on the head. Whenever anybody asks for learning tips, somebody (usually somebody with pretty low levels) pops up to say watch TV! listen to music! watch movies! Do they not understand it's not terribly useful to sit around watching things you have precious little comprehension of? Such advice should at least give hints about where to find materials with same-language subtitles.


Good tip.

I recently also came across www.101languages.net which IMHO has a good listing of some resources, flashcards (e.g table of 1000 used words). I was jumping into their Portuguese language register.


I use the website allbookstores.com to search for cheap used books from many online sellers.

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