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  5. "There are keys on the table"

"There are keys on the table"

Translation:Pana funguo mezani

November 11, 2017



Can anyone explain "Pana" a little better to me? I understand it serves as an existential "There are" here, but I can't remember why it isn't "ina" or "zina" or something like that. Thanks.


Ina means "it has" ... the subject being something of class 9.
Zina means "they have" ... the subject being something of class 10.

Pana essentially means "the specific place has". It uses the prefix of class 16, which is one of the three locative classes. It's an existential/locative because you are saying that a specific location is the possessor. Using ina or zina just mean that (a) thing(s) are/is the possessor.

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