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  5. "Eu mă odihnesc."

"Eu odihnesc."

Translation:I rest.

November 11, 2017



Since this lesson pertains to reflexives, I used "I rest myself" which DL says is incorrect. Would that be "M-am odihnit"?


I treied that too but I think m-am odihnit would mean I have rested, present perfect tense. Don't quote me on that though, I haven't learnt present perfect in romanian yet, but am comparing it with Italian structure.


Correct :-)


It's a long time ago now, but we don't say "I rest myself" in English. Where reflexive verbs are used in Romance languages, English generally uses intransitive verbs, as here, or a different structure, as in "get washed". In English, reflexive pronouns are only used reflexively when a transitive verb demands an object, as in "I hurt myself".


-------- i tried to get duo to accept, "i rest up ". duo didn't like it . . .

Big 27 mar 19

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