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What is the funniest phrase you've heard on Duolingo?

Basically just answer the question that I put in the title.

November 11, 2017



There's a Hebrew phrase which translates to, "A bear finds a carrot and sings with it."


How does Duolingo come up with these sentences?!


Well, I personally have a lot of strange but amusing phrases that I like, from bears drinking beers, a person saying ''Good day'' to his juice and even evil chickens. You see, Duolingo is full of surprises.


The funniest would probably be "Finns find fins", but even better is the original Norwegian phrase: "Finner finner finner"!


The Swedish course has 'Får får får?' ('Do sheep get sheep?')

There are a few more like this on DL which I can't remember at the moment.


Impressive too! However in the norwegian phrase, the exact same word in the same phrase has three completely different meanings!


"The house was destroyed by an angry badger", "The orange is speaking" "Crime fell when the chicken became prime minister" "The couple is traveling through the country on a flying cow" and "If you are kind you will get a lemon" are definitely the best.


I've heard of the third one before.


The funniest one I’ve found is one in the Danish course: “Why do you have a singing pig?”

I’d definitely like to meet that piggy!


"Benim adım Bond. James Bond" (Turkish for "The name's Bond. James Bond.")


'Goedendag, sap!' Because saying hello to your juice is absolutely normal...

[deactivated user]

    I know that you know that I know that you know it. The duck drinks milk. I do not like bacon.

    Those are all on the Dutch course

    [deactivated user]

      Oh yeah. One does not simply speak English. Also on the Dutch course.


      Honestly, it's the phrase on the Welsh course of "I am a dragon," in the very first module of the course. Other honorable mentions are "Good afternoon, dragon," and "Good morning, dragon." These are important phrases in Wales!

      (Draig dw i!)


      "The cheese is for the king"


      I think finding these phrases are what keep language-learning interesting. :) I've come across, "The children study beans" and "Does the cat have a weapon?" on the French course; the first one's probably more weird than funny but both made me smile! XD

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