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"Хлопчики грають у футбол на траві."

Translation:Boys are playing football on the grass.

November 11, 2017



Why "on the grass"? Can it be "grass" generally, whithout "the"? Or is it a set phrase, like "in the morning"?


Shouldn't "in the grass" be accepted as well? I've reported it just in case.


What would it mean?


Playing "in the grass" can be in contrast to playing "in the dirt," for instance.


I can see how one can play toys in the grass, as opposed to in the dirt. But football?..


Here are some examples from a Google search for the phrase. "How many hours have your kids played soccer barefoot in the back yard in the grass?" "Here are the great benefits of playing in the grass versus a harder surface like concrete." "...snapping photographs of two top professional athletes who were nudging soccer balls around in the grass."


The first two sound like we're talking about taller grass :D In both cases I feel like I would say "у траві" in Ukrainian.

The second one is irrelevant because the ball is being nudged in the grass.

So far there's only one report asking for it... Maybe that's why I'm not convinced, no idea :') Like, I feel like nobody else really wants this translation and they're all fine with translating "на" as "on" :D


I would think it means "in" grass clippings or in very high (prairie) grass. "On the grass" would be the far more likely scenario. Or even, "Boys are playing football on grass" (said to differentiate it from playing on asphalt or turf) would be another sentence used in another context.


"On the grass", and "in the grass" are both used in American English.


Yes, high grass would be "у траві" in Ukrainian as well. That would mean it's so high the people are literally in the grass.


Football in Ukrainian is soccer


Футбол can be translated as either "football" or "soccer", depending on the context. "Football" and "soccer" can mean the same or different things to begin with, depending on the context and region :)


This is a strange thing to say in English. We would say either "The boys are playing..." or "There are boys playing..." but not "Boys are...".

Some English in this course appears to be constructed from "rules", beloved of overseas teachers of English but which are incomplete and which result in weird English like the approved answer here.


here ground and grass has similar meaning


True. But they are different words. "Groud" - земля, "grass" - трава


A good translation is never word to word. Conveying "meaning" is more important. Are we learning AI language?


Yes, but on this website we need to check that you learned all the words right. There is no way to distinguish whether you wrote "ground" because you provided a flexible translation, or because you think "трава" means "ground".

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