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  5. "Proč mne potřebuješ?"

"Proč mne potřebuješ?"

Translation:Why do you need me?

November 11, 2017



It is not clear to me why we need to say "Proč mne potřebuješ?" and not "Proč mě potřebuješ?". Any hint? Thanks.


Both are accepted here, "mne" sounds a bit bookish but the meaning is exactly the same.


Well, actually in "type what you hear" excercise the "Proč mě potřebuješ?" sentence is not considered to be right


In the Type What Your Hear exercise is wrong because the word that is used is mne. It's a bit hard to catch when played at normal speed, but it's quite clear when the slow speed is used.


I just can't hear the difference. I also am having trouble hearing the difference between "ne" with the accent and "nej". Would the pronunciation website "Fodor" be good to hear the differences on this?


mne is hard /mne/, mě is soft /mňe/

I do not know any Fodor. You can try forvo.com, it contains recordings from actual living speakers.


Why does mne sounds like ne?


There should be m before the n. It should be possible to distinguish ne and mne.


I am having some difficulty distinguishing between me and mne. Mne is not accepted here and there is no help in my hints. I can't see any difference in usage. Any clues please?


and mne are equivalent. They are both the genitive or accusative case of I, so they mean me.

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