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"I will teach the stupid professor."

Translation:저는 머리가 나쁜 교수를 가르칠 것입니다.

November 11, 2017



나쁜 is bad right? not stupid


머리가 나쁜 "bad head" means the person is stupid.


stupid is 멍청한. don't see why Duolingo is complicating with a lesser equivalent for stupid. 머리가 나쁜 would be a slightly more negative connotation than "not bright"


still, its an expression that gets used. I think both should be taught


Is my 머리가 나쁜 교수를 저는 가르칠 것입니다 really wrong? I guess 저는 does sound better to me at the beginning of the sentence, but there have been a lot of mid-sentence ...는s.


Your sentence is fine. Every Korean understands it. Not common though, I think


I'll be darned! Made the same mistake a week later!


I've been waiting for the word 'stupid or silly' for a very long time!))))))) Here it is at last!))))))) I find it logical, but why is it moriga napun and not napunan moriga?


I can't imagine how you changed 나쁜 (nappeun) into "napunan." "Nappeun an" would mean "bad an," whatever "an" is, but "bad" is an adjective made my adding -n to the root of the adjectival verb. Then "mori-ga" would be the subject of a predicate, so "meoli-ga nappeu-da" "(somebody's) head is bad" makes sense. Change -da to -n and you've got "bad headed" or "whose head is bad."


머리기 나쁘면 교수하면 안되지. 그렇고 말고ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Now how on earth were we supposed to know "bad head" was another word for "stupid" without prior teaching? U really couldn't have just been normal and put 바보, something that everyone knows? Getting really sick of losing hearts for foolish things...


People are more likely to remember something from a mistake than from a lucky guess that was right. But, being penalized in game-terms is also demotivating. To meet both needs, the game would need to stop penalizing wrong answers when it's your first time seeing the material. That also makes Duolingo more complicated, so that will just take time as they slowly improve the incentives-system.


Just put 바보 같은 instead duolingo and stop complicating things


In it's current position does 나쁜 qualify 머리가 or 교수를?


In its current position 나쁜 qualifies 머리가. Many times the Adj comes after the Noun it describes. The 2 words together modify the professor.


I actually dont need to add 저는!


what is the word 머리 doing here? whose head?


'머리가 나쁜' is describing the teacher - lit. Head bad > bad head > stupid


Someone seems to be holding a grudge

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