"We assume things."

Translation:On suppose des choses.

November 11, 2017

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What's the problem with: nous supposons des trucs?


"trucs" is said in the spoken language (mais on l'entend tous les jours ;-)


does it have to be "on"? Can "nous" be used? If not, why not? I was marked wrong for using "nous"


So we have a lot of little boxes containing words. Amongst those words are "Nous", "Suppose", "des" and "choses" but specifically NOT "On". So I write (select) "Nous suppose des choses" imagine my surprise when the word I NEEDED wasn't there......That aside, I always thought that "On" and "Nous" were mostly interchangeable, except when "On" is supposed to mean "One" (as in the Royal WE "One does not dress herself").


my dictionary tells me that both the verb assumer and the verb supposer can be used to translate the English verb assume. Why does DL accept one (supposer), but not the other.


Why not :- des affaires

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