"Az Ön unokatestvére ez a férfi?"

Translation:Is this man your cousin?

November 11, 2017



Does Ön have to be capitalized?

November 11, 2017


Absolutely not! It shouldn't be. In Hungarian, no pronouns are ever capitalized. The only exception used to be writing personal/official letters, but even there it's not a rule to capitalize, it's just an accepted deviation from the rule, and absolutely not necessary.

Capitalization is supposed to convey extra respect, but actually: capitalizing any pronouns outside some official documents seems very over-the-top (and frankly, ridiculous).

For those who speak Hungarian: http://www.e-nyelv.hu/2012-03-29/on-on/, http://xn--helyesrs-fza2j.mta.hu/helyesiras/blog/show/nagy-on-kicsi-on

November 11, 2017
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