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  5. "We are little boys."

"We are little boys."

Translation:My jsme malí kluci.

November 11, 2017



As a beginner, I really prefer to be told wrong when I make a mistake than to bring my bad habits with me in my learning course. But that's just me :) Also, why is malý translates into malí but kluk in kluci and not klucí? Is it because Malý already has the accent on the y?


malý (masculine, singular) => malí (masculine, plural) kluk (masculine, singular) => kluci (masculine, plural) "malý" is an adjective, and therefore has a completely different declension than nouns, such as "kluk".

Also please note that in Czech, "čárky" do not mark accents (which are almost always on the first syllable of the word) but vowel length.


How come 17 lessons use kluci for boys, and suddenly it is wrong because it should be hoši? Computer glitch??


If you look above, you will see kluci. At least it is what I can see there.

If any of your answers is not accepted, you always have to report the complete sentence. If you are reasonably convinced, use "My answer should have been accepted".

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