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Haitian Creole course...?!

Hi everyone!

I just saw that there's no contributor anymore for Haitian Creole! Like English for Telugu speakers! Does anybody know, what's going to happen with those abandonned courses? :(

November 11, 2017



The beta courses Guarani and Swahili also have no contributors anymore...

It seems there is/was something happening behind the scenes since there were also quite active mods in Swedish and Czech who quit in the last couple of days.

Edit: And also English courses for Thai, Romanian and Greek as well as Swedish for Arabic and the Catalan course have no contributors left. Those are released courses though, not hatching or in beta.


Also, Yiddish from English lost a couple of contributors, and they were moderators for the course!


And Hindi, Russian for Spanish, Indonesian, Japanese, Arabic, English for Bengali, Chinese, Korean, and Klingon have lost a couple contributors, but they still have some left.

Well, I guess we won't be getting Audio for Swahili any time soon...


Probably... And they even recorded it at the beginning of the year.

And damn, I didn't know the numbers they had before so I couldn't see if they lost some, but that's quite a few courses.


Look at the post OmegaGmaster linked... Why were this people kicked off?


I was wondering that as well... Some things here on Duolingo became strange... First the Telugu course, then they said that there will be Zulu here, no informations about Klingon and other things... I hope that Duolingo will fix these problems very, very soon!


Klingon has some technical issues that only the staff can fix, not the contributors like an apostrophe being recognized as a letter and q and Q being different letters. The contributors did all they can do.

Those issues and seeing that the staff still hasn't fixed the errors that appeared after the discussion maintenance over a month ago, but add new stuff like achievements, kind of seems like they should re-evaluate what their programmers should work on.


I always took the Zulu thing to be primarily a joke. Luis has shown himself on a number of occasions to have a sense of humor that, well, isn't the perfectly calibrated one of your run-of-the-mill corporate suit, but as a result things get misunderstood.

As I understand it, he was at a conference in South Africa (the one they rushed the Swahili course for, I think), somebody asks what language is next, he just sort of blurts "Zulu!" B/c he's in South Africa, it starts with "z" ("from Arabic to Zulu" you can imagine the slogan...). And then he repeated it in a Reddit AMA: convenient way to not really answer (given that he must have known the real answer was Japanese/Korean/Chinese/Arabic).


Hmmmmm. That seems very odd. I would be interested what a mod would have to say about this.


The main contributor for Swahili (at least as far as user communication) left a while ago. Not a big surprise, then, that the Peace Corps country staff fellow left, too.

It's been painfully obvious for a very long time the GuaranĂ­ team was (waaay) under-active. The majority contributor there left months ago. The three that had been there: no idea who they were. Never answered a single question in the forums (no official contributor ever did).

Now, Catalan, that's a shocker. I take the time to mention this b/c I see Swedish for Arabic has a contributor back now, so maybe the glitches have been sorted out, and the real reality is emerging.


Oh no! That's quite a shame. I imagine if enough time goes on and the courses still don't have contributors, then they will be removed from the Incubator for the time being. I'm pretty sure if that were to happen, English from Telugu would be the first to go.

Edit: An Ukrainian for English speakers contributor just said he was randomly kicked off the Incubator, meaning this wasn't just team members quitting randomly. What's happening?!?!?!


If that were to happen I'd actually suspect the opposite. English as a foreign language is the most learned language on Duo and not just because of reverse trees. I'm sure they'd expect more learners for that then learning Haitian Creole and opt for that if it's a business decision.


Well, it's been several months since English from Telugu has had any contributors. If Duolingo really wanted contributors for the course, they would probably hire a Telugu speaker and make it a staff course, since clearly no one is willing to contribute to the course.


Ahh, okay, I didn't check the contributor numbers before this and didn't know it's been a while that the Telugu course was without any. So I just assumed it was related to whatever is going on.


It's not a foolproof indicator but the estimated date for Telugu is still October 2016 (not a typo) so I imagine it's been abandoned for quite some time.


Oh noooooooooooo. I was so excited for Haitian Creole! Sighs deeply

What will happen to those courses? They'll just stay there, taking up space, until another contributor comes.


Many contributors have been removed from the incubator. It's most likely a glitch


Well maybe it's a combination? Since devalanteriel said he was resigning because of changes in the Duo guidelines.


I hope it's only that...


Laura Nestler said on Danylo.Ukraina's post that they were sorting it out.

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