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soybean or soya bean does it really matter

When answering a question on duolingo it said my answer was wrong. the answer was fermented soybean. I put fermented soya bean (which is how it is spelt in english english). I learnt and speak english english not american english. So although words are prounounced the same way they can differ in spelling depending on which version of english the person is using. My answer was correct . I checked whether it was right on google. Soybean and soya bean are the same thing they are just different ways of spelling the same thing.

As a language site , doulingo should know this and should accept both answers; as peoples spelling will differ depending on which version of english they learnt.

November 11, 2017



I agree. You may be unaware that there are 2 icons on the red/wrong flag, where you can flag the problem to Duo.

The 1st is to a discussion area. Check there first, as sometimes there is some history to the problem, and others may have tripped over the same error & have been answered why, and

The 2nd is a flag, where you can report a problem back to to Duo. It can take a while but this is the sort of thing that does evolve and improve Duo.

FYI, the French/English course is very good at accepting English english as well as American english.


I've never heard "soy". I've only ever heard Soya Milk or Soya Bean and I only drink Soya milk - not Cow's milk xD


It's not that they think British English is incorrect - it's just that they haven't added the choice yet. It's impossible to remember/know every single alternative way to say the same words. That's why the report button exists, as others mentioned, because they are most definitely willing and able to add alternative answers if it is brought to their attention.

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